¡Promoción de lanzamiento de Suscrip!

¡Promoción de lanzamiento
de Suscrip!


We are in launch mode, that’s why we want you to enjoy this special occasion with us.

We will pay you 5 euros when you create a group in Suscrip and share expenses. 

How to participate?

1.- Register in registro.suscrip.com (don’t worry, the app is in English too)

2.- Create a group with the code «Studentfy» and add a recurring payment in the app

3.- Do that before the end of October 2020

What is Suscrip?

Suscrip is a shared economy app that automates ALL the steps of sharing ANY subscription, service or rent. You may have apps to share, but none like Suscrip because it is the only app that:

  • Works like «Tinder for digital subscriptions»: We connect you to other people that have the same subscription that you want so you can share it and pay less for it. For example if you have 2 friends in your group, we help you find another 2 people and manage the payments so you can pay less for the subscriptions you have. 
  • It’s like «Sharing apps on steroids»: We connect with your bank and automatically identify / calculate the amount the service provider charged you, then split it with your group, collect the funds and transfer you the money to your bank. Everything automatic and recurrently 

Conditions that apply to the promotion:

We will do the transfers on October 30th to users to the bank account that they have linked in Suscrip.

Each user can win the 5 euros only one time. 

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Find your share, share with Suscrip!