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HBO for just 4,50 €/month it’s possible!

HBO Spain Price: how to pay half?

In this guide we will explain everything about HBO price, plans and how to share HBO and pay half the cost of the HBO subscription with Suscrip.

HBO is a streaming service that allows you to access a wide variety of exclusive international content.

How much does HBO Spain cost?

HBO Spain allows the reproduction of an account on 5 devices, but only on 2 devices simultaneously. You can use it through Smartphone, Tablet or PC, at a price of € 7.99 per month, with a free trial month, without permanence.

How to split the price of HBO Spain?

First of all, you should know that it is possible to share the cost of HBO Spain. in fact in the terms and conditions of use of HBO, it does not indicate anywhere that you cannot share your account with whoever you want.

Being a somewhat different mechanism than other methods and only allowing a single account, we will explain in detail the process to share your account with family or friends.

How to split HBO Spain

If you want to save on your HBO Spain subscription, Suscrip offers you, in a simple and safe way, to cut the total price in half by sharing your account with another person. If you are looking for more information about Suscrip click here

You can share your HBO account with Suscrip in two different ways:

  • As ADMIN: If you have already purchased an HBO subscription, you can create a group in which you will share your account. Through which, the person (or persons) with whom you share your account, will be able to pay you automatically and safely, their part of the fee.
  • Sign up for someone else’s HBO subscription: If you haven’t bought a subscription yet, just join a shared group where there is a free seat for you and enjoy the service. You will be able to pay your part of the fee comfortably, automatically and safely.

How to become a HBO Spain admin

The first step you must follow is to register in Subscription and click on «+», enter the requested data and the number of people you want to share with, in this case 2.

Publish the group and start receiving a quota from your participant who will refund you a total of € 4. To have available the money that your participants have sent you, you will only have to access your profile and load your IBAN.

Hazte admin HBO

Join a HBO Spain splitting group

If, on the other hand, you do not want to subscribe to HBO Spain you can always join an already active HBO group and send your quota to participate in the group.

Simply sign up for Subscription, choose the HBO group that interests you the most.

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